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Happy New Year

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a safe start to 2017.

What a great start to 2017 - we already have a few large projects underway at Finesse Upholstery HQ. One of our projects will shortly be re-homed to a beautifully designed restaurant at Barrangaroo, NSW. We have had the pleasure working with the team at SJB Interiors to create truly unique and beautiful upholstered furniture.We will be sure to upload images of the upholstery once we have delivered the project.

We also have a new staff member - introducing Spelle our customer service manager, Spelle is 6 month Lagotto. Lagotto's were once famous as a water dog however their new claim to fame is sniffing for truffles. As she is naturally a water dog, it was only fitting we named her after the sparkling water S. Pelleringo. She loves when customers and suppliers come to visit, a good old fashioned belly rub, human food and cuddles. Be sure to say hello next time you are in our warehouse.

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