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Sydney’s Favourite Upholstery Classes


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a master upholsterer, able to effortlessly repair and refurbish even the most decrepit furniture? Do you want skills that can rival the world’s best? If so, a FinesseUpholstery's upholstery class is good fun and a great place to start!

Each four hour hands-on session will take you from absolute beginner to gifted amateur. Just bring in a piece of furniture that you’d like to reupholster, and learn by doing. Under the supervision of our talented master upholsterer, you’ll learn the ways of our industrial equipment, and get everything you need to do it yourself. Feel free to bring in your own fabrics, or buy material from the famous Finesse Upholstery's selection on the day.


What You Need To Know


There are a few important things you need to know about Furniture Runway upholstery classes.


  • Class sizes are limited to three/four people. This is to ensure that our master upholsterer is able to impart as much wisdom as possible.

  • Each class is $275.00 per person. Unfortunately we no longer accept high-fives or glowing compliments in lieu of payment.

  • The sessions take place at our production warehouse in Ultimo, Sydney. This is particularly convenient if you happen to live in Ultimo, Sydney.

  • You’ll need to bring in a piece of your own furniture to upholster during the class. Chairs are perfect for this, but you’re still welcome to bring in a full wall-sized restaurant lounge if you can get it through the door.

  • You are encouraged to bring a big imagination. If you don’t, one will be provided for you.


By the end of the class you’ll have a beautiful piece of lovingly-restored furniture. Next time you need something upholstered, join a Finesse Upholstery's upholstery class and learn how to do it yourself.


For all upholstery class bookings and enquiries, email, or call 02 9518 9236.

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