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"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Finesse Upholstery


Finesse Upholstery brings over 35 years of experience to everything we do. For over a decade we operated as one of Sydney’s best kept secrets, but after our designs started exploding across the front pages of popular home and fashion magazines, people all over the country wanted to see how our designs could take their décor to the next level.


These days we’re known as one of the best destinations for custom-made furniture in Sydney and beyond, bringing versatile aesthetics, the most up-to-date styles and sheer outstanding comfort to your home. Our reputation has preceded us at every step, and we also create and upholster quality commercial furnishings, including banquette seating, arm chairs, seat or bench cushions and wall panelling. Come into our Ultimo warehouse, located in the heart of Sydney, and see for yourself.


The Growth of Commercial Designer Furniture


While Finesse Upholstery started life as a dedicated provider of exceptional home furnishings, it wasn’t long before a number of businesses, from bars to banks, wanted to see how we could revitalise their interior design. More specifically, they wanted décor that could perfectly accentuate the existing settings and provide customers with the utmost comfort. As the results have shown, one of the best ways to make your customers feel right at home is with the help of an expert who’s highly experienced in both home and business furniture design, and can create items that capture the best of both worlds.


Finesse Upholstery is exceptionally accomplished in this area. A fresh look and improved comfort is more than enough to transform customer experience in demonstrable ways, touching on everything from time spent at the establishment to friendliness of staff interactions. On top of this, our expansive and high quality fabric range, sourced from all over the world, means that we truly go above and beyond, bringing any business furnishings the same advantages of top quality household furniture, including:


  • Professional design awareness. There’s no accounting for taste, but a design expert can help you make sure that everything adds up.

  • Feel free to tap into our experience at any time.


What We Can Do


Try out samples of our high quality custom-made furniture at the Sydney Finesse Upholstery's warehouse, browse our products to find what you’re looking for, or contact us today for quotes on any wholesale or commercial solutions.

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